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Offering the complete all Ireland experience, the Irish Tour Company specialises in extended group tours along with individual day excursions to Ireland’s most popular destinations and attractions. We also excel in the creation of unique tailor made speciality tours for those with specific interests while touring Ireland.




Conor Riordan

Conor, a Clare native, is co-owner of Irish Tour Company and a graduate of the National University of Ireland Galway where he studied Archaeology, History, Political Science and Classics. He is also a Failte Ireland accredited tour guide achieving a distinction on completion of certificate. Conor has many diverse and unique interests including Archaeo-astronomy, Pyramidology, Biblical Studies and International Relations along with a life time fascination for Legend, Mystery and the darker side to tourism. Unknown to his family and friends, Conor holds dark and secret ambitions to become the next High King and Spiritual leader of the emerald isle of Ireland!  


Feargal McHale

Born in Co. Sligo, Fergal is co-owner of the Irish Tour Company and a graduate of the College of Science at the National University of Ireland Galway. Working first as a Biochemist, Fergal subsequently took a spiritual diversion into Theology and spent many years as a Christian Pastor both in the U.S. and Ireland. An avid traveller, he has put his vast knowledge and life experience to work in recent years conducting private tours throughout Ireland. Even though Fergal aspires to be spiritual head of the company, his student years as a barman have left a fondness for Irish whiskey and he is often found preaching in a local pub after a few shorts of the good stuff.


Declan Somers

Declan, from Co. Carlow, is co-owner of the Irish Tour Company and a graduate of Dublin City University where he studied International Marketing and Languages followed by Chinese studies at London University. Living in Japan for six years, Declan leased an Irish Pub and served as interpreter for the Irish soccer team at the 2002 World Cup. After returning to Ireland he completed the National Tour Guide Program and became the first certified guide fluent in Japanese while hosting dignitaries and media groups from Japan. Reputed to be an avid lake monster hunter, Declan is more at home in the wilds of Connemara searching for giant monster eels.